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Limited Liability Company “FPY.Holographic Technologies” (FPY HT)

FPY HT is a part of First Print Yard Group combining productive capacities and technological capabilities of printing and holographic manufacture.

Our dynamic developing company offers customers a wide range of high techs for protection against forgery of goods and printing products, documents and plastic cards. Sooner or later every producer of products having been in demand will meet a forgery problem. Hologram is an up-to-date, high tech, convenient in use and at last handsome solution of the problem.

Everything including a security hologram could be forged. A computer synthesized (digital) hologram is a most difficult matter for forgery. We use e-beam origination technology which is available for limited number of companies not only in Russia but also in the world.

FPY HT will fulfill your order with high quality and in optimal time. We use an individual approach to our customers (one customer – one hologram), flexible and competitive prices, confidentiality and maintenance of security requirement during an execution of the order.

Our specialists will develop and offer optimal holographic security features for your products using wide capabilities of printing and holographic technologies.

About Us


FPY.Holographic Technologies



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