An e-beam technology is based on synthesizing of micro relief with specified parameters by electronic beam, which can be focused in a spot with a few nanometer sizes. Calculation of parameters of the microrelief is a solution of the inverse problem of image synthesis in the optical range making E-beam technology pure digital. The e-beam technology occupies the particular place among other hologram’s recording technologies due to the following reasons:

  • The e-beam technology resolution is two order of magnitude higher than resolution of optical recording systems;
  • E-beam origination allows to get micro texts up to few micron height, high resolution elements and other features beyond the reach of optical recording method;
  • E-beam equipment is a high tech and expensive one requiring substantial intellectual investments in consequence of that limited number of holographic companies in the world is capable to produce up-to-date e-beam originals.

Exactly the e-beam technology of hologram origination is used in products manufactured by FPY HT.

Security features of holograms

Let’s list below main visual and hidden image elements used in security holograms. Some of them are available for digital technology only:

  • High-resolution line patterns;
  • Switch effect;
  • Kinematic images;
  • Concealed images;
  • True color images;
  • Micro-texts (25-150 micron);
  • Nano-texts (~ 5 micron);
  • CLR images (including dynamic and multilevel) to be controlled by special laser device;
  • Images recorded by special shape pixels.

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